Flat-Fee Consulting Services

Introducing our Thinking Partner Service!

Picture an Experienced Nonprofit Marketing Pro Helping You Make Immediate Progress on Some of Your Organization’s Biggest Challenges

Here’s a problem that I’ve discovered many of my nonprofit clients face:

You’re over-burdened with responsibilities, you’re pressed for time, you’re short a staff member, and/or you’re working solo on marketing and communication issues but don’t have the budget to hire a marketing colleague.

Many of the challenges you face are not over-arching strategic matters, but crucial tactical projects that you just don’t have enough time to think through, conduct the right research on or implement in a timely way.

Until now, I’ve only been able to lend a sympathetic ear when I’ve heard about these kind of challenges. In general I spend most of my time consulting on marketing and communications planning, branding and other strategic issues while our team members do copywriting and design.

But recently, I’ve designed a new service that allows me to work on immediate, concrete projects, for nonprofit communicators like you — for a low-fixed fee. My clients are pleased because my service is fast, affordable and extremely productive. And, because of the fixed fee, approval does not usually require an extensive process.

Introducing My Thinking Partner Service

You might think of this as a “mini-consultation” or perhaps a “marketing mind-meld.” But I’m calling it a Thinking Partner service – especially because you and I focus on working through challenges to complete important tasks.

Here are some examples of the concrete challenges I’ve taken on for my Thinking Partner clients:

  • Strengthening the draft copy for a new organizational brochure.
  • Reviewing last year’s annual report to recommend improvements for this year’s edition.
  • Analyzing the design drafts for a new brand.
  • Translating high-level marketing strategies into concrete to-do lists.
  • Highlighting key components to be incorporated in a new, program-specific website.
  • Finding and selecting marketing help, staff or freelancers.
  • Identifying what your top three competitors are doing better than you are, marketing- and communications-wise?

As you can see, there are many specific issues and projects I can work on that fall under the Thinking Partner umbrella. Naturally, I’m also glad to discuss with you bigger projects and strategic issues you face that fall outside the Thinking Partner service.

How You’ll Benefit From My Thinking Partner Service

My Thinking Partner service delivers focused bursts of powerful creativity, well-honed expertise and objective insight. My work will drive your marketing program forward and enable you to:

  • Meet deadlines and goals.
  • Identify new marketing opportunities.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Refresh your marketing point of view.
  • Motivate your marketing team.
  • Focus on the bigger, strategic issues you face.

How Do You Find Out More?

If you’d like a complete description of how my Thinking Partner service works, just email me. I’ll send you a description and pricing information – no obligation, of course.

Nancy E. Schwartz
Founder and President, Nancy Schwartz & Company
Publisher, Getting Attention

P.S. I only have a few available slots for this service. If you are interested, let me know as soon as possible so that I can reserve time for you.